Quality Assurance Policy

Super Magnet Co.,Ltd  is committed to quality and invests in best-in-class technology, services and support.
Our Quality Management System includes the basic of a good quality system, such as:

Understanding customer requirements.

  • Ensuring we have the ability to meet customer requirements.
  • Ensuring we have people capable of doing the work that affects quality.
  • Ensuring that we have buildings, equipment and support services needed to meet product requirements.
  • Ensuring we identify problems and work to correct or prevent them.

Fully use the quality tools such as APQP, PPAP, MSA and so on, control the product quality, with advanced and all-round measure device, overall measurement methods.

Excellent Quality control team, with super quality intention, can measure, analysis, control all kinds of magnets material and components. Audit and assist supplier quality system to help supplier assure quality.

Strictly audit factory according to ISO Quality System requirement, perform company general guides “Improve value, Fulfillment requirement, Exceed expectation, Realize the multi-winner", to supply excellent products、technology and service to customers. 

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