Motor Magnets

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Motor Magnets  

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Magnetic technology for the DC motor market delivers the ability to push the limits on miniaturization, efficiency and performance. our customers wish to achieve extreme performance in motor design . Our customers challenge us to design motors and actuators with features such as: 

  • High force to mass ratio
  • High speed moving coil designs
  • Harsh environment withstand capability

sg飞艇是什么游戏 The types of motor using permanent magnet such as : 

  • dc motor magnet
  • Brushless motor magnet
  • Servo motor magnet
  • Stepper magnet
  • Linear motor magnet
  • PM motor magnet
  • irregular motor magnet
  • Automobile motor magnet /Car motor magnet 

High performance actuator and motor design requires the use of materials that push the limits of material science.  Magnet material selection is critical and we can assist in the selection of the best material.  Tradeoffs in the selection include temperature, residual induction, coercivity and environment.

Typical Products 

segment magnets for motor application 

» NSR10xr8x180Cx5-N35 Sintered NdFeB motor rotor arc magnets

segment magnets neodymium magnets

» NSR54x22x45°x4-42H Sintered Neodymium segment magnets N42H

segment neodymium magnets

» NSR21.8*R18*W41degree*40mm Sintered Neodymium segment magnets N42H

» NRD12*3.1*20mm Sintered NdFeB magnets Diametral Ni+Cr coating N35H

» NRD13.4*7*27.5mm Neodymium magnets Diametral magnetized Grade N38

» NRD18*10*25mm Neodymium magnets Diametral magnetized Grade N38


» NRD18.8xd14.1x24.9 Sintered NdFeB magnets OD 4poles Grade N35SH

» NRD26.6*21.4*1.5mm Sintered NdFeB magnets radially magnetized Grade N38SH

» FRD45*27*29mm hard ferrite Magnets 6 poles

» FRD18.2*35mm hard ferrite magnets diametrical magnetization

» FSR22.8*r16.85*W40*L41 hard ferrite segments 

Application Field

» Application of Permanent Magnets for MW Wind Generator

» Application of Permanent magnet for VCM
» Application of Permanent magnet for Linear motor

» Application of Magnet Gear /Magnetic Wheel

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