Radial Magnetized NdFeB Magnets

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Radial Magnetized Neodymium Magnets  

( Download datasheet of NdFeB radial magnets)

Radial Magnetized Neodymium Magnets  are developed successfully which is using the shaping method by new multipole radiation orientation, It greatly improve the performance of the motor.


  • comparison with the ring jointed by the segments
  • Motor performance:make motor power increases more than 15%
  • Processing technic:simple mechanism and good reliability, Simplify the assembly process, also reduces the assembly cost
  • Appearance precision:the higher precision,the good coaxiality and verticality
  • Tooling : each radial products will request customized mould and magnetization fixture separately.

Range of products:


Radial Ring Magnet
material grade
N35-N50, 35H-48H,33SH-45SH,33EH-38EH,30UH-40UH
outer diameter
inner diameter 
Min 10 mm
Min 1.5mm

Application field :

  • Magnetic gear , EPS Motor, Spindle motor for HDD  and Speed motor etc.

Typical Magnets: 

» NR18.8xd14.1x24.9 Sintered NdFeB magnets OD 4 poles Grade N35SH

» NR26.6*21.4*1.5mm Sintered NdFeB magnets radially magnetized OD 10 poles Grade N38SH

 » NRD28*22.8*5mm Neodymium magnets Inner Diametral 24 poles Grade 40SH

neo radial  magnets D40

 » NRD40*20*10mm N42 Sintered NdFeB radially magnetized OD-S ID-N


» NRD26.6*21.5*12.1mm Sintered NdFeB magnets radially magnetized OD 10 poles Grade N33EH

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