Magnet with Metal/Plastics Assy

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Super Magnet Co.,Ltd have rich experience for Magnet with plastics assembly , such as overmould , glue adhesive and  mechanical fixing .

*We own  50 injection machines for magnet and plastic parts 

*We have  a powerful technical team to design and produce mould

*The wide plastic material types PA66, PA12, PC, PE, PP, ABS  and others are avaible . 

The injection  magnet and plastic department has become the very competitive injection magnet manufacturer in China.

These serial magnet with plastic assembly is widely use in magnetic switch , speed sensor , magnetic rotor , magnetic hook and so on

Typical Products

 AI13.5*5*4mm Multipole ring injection magnets 4 poles

AND49*31.5mm   Sintered NdFeB magnetic rotor with 8 segments 

AN49*31.5mm   Sintered NdFeB magnetic rotor with 8 segments

AN235*31.8mm  halbatch Neodymium  magnets 

AN49.2*11.94mm   Sintered NdFeB magnetic rotor with 8 segments

AI30*8mm Multipole ring injection magnets 8 poles

» 0.2T NMR magnets nuclear magnetic resonance MRI magnets

speedometer magnet

» ACD27x22x6-OD12P speedometer magnet plastic assembly

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