Arc Neodymium magnets

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Arc Magnet /Segment  Magnet / Tile Magnet                    tile magnet segment magnets

Super Magnet Co.,Ltd could provide the specific permanent magnet solution according to customer's  application requirements. As an all-in-one magnetic solution provider, Super Magnet is able to produce standard and also customized  permanent magnet shapes and sizes in prototype or production quantities.   


 ( Detail coating opition for Sintered NdFeB magnets)

Magnetic Properties: 

 (Download Magnetic Property  Datasheet of Sintered NdFeB Magnets 

Magnetizing Type:

 (Detail with Magnetizing type 

Typical Magnets:

Notes: Customized specification magnets are available .

 » NSR5.75*3.5*7.07*15mm Sintered NdFeB Arc magnets GradeN35SH

segment magnets for motor application 

» NSR10xr8x180Cx5-N35 Sintered NdFeB motor rotor arc magnets

» NSR10.5*5.15*180°*5mm Sintered NdFeB ARC magnets Grade N38SH

segment magnets

» NSR12.4x10.4x135°x26-N35 Sintered NdFeB segment magnets

arc neodymium magnets NdFeB

» NSR16.5*14.35*W5.5*20mm Sintered Neodymium segment magnets N42H

» NSR21.5*18.15*W11*11 Sintered NdFeB ARC magnets N48SH

segment neodymium magnets

» NSR21.8*R18*W41degree*40mm  Neodymium segment magnets N42H

segment neodymium magnets

» NSR24.15*R21.4*9*30mm Sintered Neodymium segment magnets N42H

» NSR37.4xR31.4x90°x21mm Sintered NdFeB ARC magnets Grade N42H

segment magnets neodymium magnets 

» NSR54x22x45°x4-42H Sintered Neodymium segment magnets N42H

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