Injection Ferrite magnets

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Injection Ferrite Magnets  also called plastic magnets , are made of ferrite powder, Plastics and other materials by injecting process, It  can be made complicated shapes magnets with precise sizes . It can be inserted in metal and plastic parts.

sg飞艇是什么游戏 The precision tooling is necessary to ensure the products dimensional tolerance. The plastic magnetic material dimension would be change after cooling due to the thermoplastics shrinkage.


Complex shape 

High precision

Multi pole magnetizing 

sg飞艇是什么游戏 Not easy cracked with plasticity

Injection mould processing

Can be overmoulding on shaft or plastics  

Magnetic Properties

 Download Magnetic Property  Datasheet of injection Ferrite Magnets    


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Application field
They are widely used in DC permanent motor, step motor, meter motor, position sensorsg飞艇是什么游戏 , printer and duplicator roller, cushion cylinder, inductor, and kinescope collector, etc.

peneumatic cylinder magnets» Application of Pneumatic cylinder Magnet

encode magnet» Application of rotary encode magnet 

Typical Products 

Notes: Customized specification magnets are available .


» IRD29.8*10.9*10mm injection magnets radial single pole

water flow magnets

» AI13x2x10-4P flow sensor magnets

injection magnet 13.5*5*4 with gear

» AI13.5*5*4mm Multipole ring injection magnets 4 poles

AI18.4x2x10-8P flow sensor magnets

» IRD19.4*10*5mm Multipole ring injection magnets 16 poles


» IRD20.5*9*4mm Multipole ring injection sensor magnets 8 poles

» IRD24.2* 8* 2.6mm Multipole ring injection magnets 16 poles

» AI30*8mm Multipole ring injection magnets 8 poles

Multipole Ring Magnets AS5000-MR20-44

» IRD32*24*1.5mm-44 poles Sensor Ferrite magnets


» IH42.5* 43mm injection pump magnets 4 poles on ID

» IRD55* 49* 9mm Multipole ring injection magnets 18 poles


» IRD79.6*58*4 Pneumatic cylinder Magnet whole/half Ring


» IRD99.5*78*5mm pneumatic cylinder Magnet Ringsg飞艇是什么游戏

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